Hello Shiltizens!

We have prepared great things for this year Halloween Item Mall!


From October 12th ~31th 23:59 PDT

Would you like to dress up for the ocasion? Now you have a good reason to do so! We have 6 spooky costumes available for you to pick and an amazing promotion coming with it!

For purchasing any of the following costumes on the Web Mall:

Freddy Costume - (7 days)
Frankenstein Costume - (7 days)
Jason Costume - (7 days)
Werewolf Costume - (7 days)
Ghost Costume - (7 days)
Event Costume of Darkness -(7 days)
Skeleton Costume - (7 Days)

Get them here: https://bit.ly/2Cdsml9

You can keep the magic of Halloween alive in Shiltz using this beautiful costume: Pumpkin Witch Costume!

Here is the costume stats at XG +12 for you to check:

*1 Pumpkin Witch Costume will be sent to all the participant accounts on November 6th maintenance.
* Only 1 participation per account
* You must purchase at least 1 of the costumes above to participate.

* Costume is delivered at basic status (0 refinements)


From October 12th ~ 31th 12:00 PDT only on web mall:

for purchasing the Golden Chest Keys x10 package, you will receive 2 additional keys for free!

Get them here: https://bit.ly/2pOxV1Y


From October 12th ~ 31th 23:59 PDT:

For spending a total of 10.000 Rps on Seal Online, during this event you will receive:

1 Blessed Pink Diamond!
*Blessed Pink Diamond will be sent to all the participant accounts on November 06th maintenance.
*Maximum 1 participation per account.
*Can be traded via Premium Kiosk
*Valid for Grabbit, Item Mall and Web Mall