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    Cool Rohan's Next Top Artist & Make Your Meme events

    Greetings Rohanians!

    Halloween is coming and we want to celebrate it by promoting your creativity and sweetness with which our beloved Rohanians send us with 2 creativity contests. Do not fear if you do not know how to draw, we have a surprise for all those whose art is in the humor.

    Take part and win fabulous prizes!


    1. Halloween: The best artistic creation (can be digital, by hand, plasticine, etc.)
    2. Humor: To the best meme.
    (Each of these categories has one winner selected by the Rohan team and another by the community)

    For us to consider your participation, you must follow these Rules:

    1. Submissions must be a Horror/humor-themed ROHAN
    2. Only 1 submission per account on both categories is allowed.
    3. You can choose to draw a manga, illustration, edit an in-game screenshot or make a sculpture! Even doodles and abstract arts are fine! Remember, the more creative and original the work is, the better your chances on being chosen!
    4. Submissions can be re-uploaded and edited as long as it’s before the due date, on October 15, 2018 @12 PM PDT. Edited posts after this date will be disqualified!
    5. Use of licensed characters from other games or anime is not allowed! We do not want the forum to have any DMCA issue
    6. The art in question should not have messages that encourage racism or discrimination as well as should not have insults or disrespect.
    7. You must submit your artwork in this thread with the following information:
    a. Server
    b. Character Name
    8. The images must follow the requirements below:
    a. Format: JPG, PNG, BMP are all valid
    b. Maximum Resolution must be 1280 x 1024 (150 DPI)
    9. If you are having troubles uploading the image here, you can upload it on a free image hosting site and paste the BBCode/link here, it will automatically count as your entry.

    All participants will be given 200 million crones at the end of the event if they comply with the rules.

    Top 5 entries will be chosen by our GMs and will be announced on October 17, 2018 @ 7 PM PDT.

    The images will then be uploaded on Facebook with the hashtag #ROHALLOWEEN and the community’s winner will be decided by the number of votes their entries get.

    Remember! You have until October 15th 12 PM PDT to gather up your friends and have them like the page and your entry!

    Here are the rewards awaiting the winners:

    Rohan’s Next top Artist winner chosen by facebook interactions: 10 000 RP
    Rohan’s Next top Artist winner chosen by GMs: 7 000 RP, winning artwork will be on the game's loading screen
    5 Runners-up per category chosen by GMs: 1,000 RP
    Make your Meme winner chosen by community votes: 5 000 RP
    Make your Meme winner chosen by GMs: 3 000 RP

    The accounts holding the character names of the winning artworks will receive the RPs!

    This thread is strictly for the entries only!

    Happy Halloween!

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    Undecided by the changes that have taken place lately.

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    Server Isen
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    Sever : Jainus
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