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    To Meok/Scatzie/Eky

    To the joy, the journey, the fun, the pain, the anger and the jealousy we had.
    This is also for the players out there who enjoy hard working, honesty and justice. Please stay away from gebe users on the market. If you see someone vending squid WTW gold at a higher price WRS BRS and Ranael eq that vender is most likely a gebe user.
    Heads up for the Sorciery members, you have the right to know the true back ground of your leadership.

    Players involved:
    Eky -> Meok/Scatzie
    Hadi -> Kitsuni/Firefoxxx
    Theo -> Charlize/Clevacino/Aryusa
    Erick -> Herick/Reincak
    Igo -> Igoo/Raperboy
    Hendro -> Elvania(his only char left)

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    Everything started around this time last year, right after the dungeon update(sage tower became much easier and the drop rate was really high).
    I(Amasa in game) had a few friends for daily sage, Meok was one of them. She was our regular thanks to her lovely personality, decent equipment and skills and she was the one in charge of marketing.
    Because of the high drop rate and the golden box market value over that time, we were all able to make cegel and upgrade equipments at a fast rate. Team members reduced from 6 to 3 per sage. My regular team were: myself, Istri and Dormaruu until one day while we were in sage Meok joined SP and pm me “you don’t need me anymore, goodbye.” I told myself “this chick has some guts”. So from the next day on she became my partner and we became couple in game not long after that.
    The first couple of months together was great, we did sage daily, enjoying the loot, had so much fun with each other. I also want to thank her for the on time HF and healing she performed in the background.

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    However happiness didn’t last long. She became friends with a few gebe users. And eventually she started to use gebe herself. I only have a few hours a day to do sage, so Meok was still the apos of my team. Because she only used teleportation and dual login, I didn’t really want to expose her.
    But things got worse she started to farm squid with other gebe user, what they do is: they created many accounts with 5 characters in each account, login one character(because of gebe they can enter sage at level1) party one apos and one Berserker, teleport them in sage. Berserker spam combo kill squid in 10 seconds, then they come out change to another character do the same thing again.
    To the hard working dungeon farmers out the, if u are luck you can get 4 squid gold in a month, but to the cheaters that takes them 2 hours.
    Because she was my couple in game and the fun time we had together, I kept silent.

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    Things got worse when her friend Hendro and Theo exploited the redeem code. Many +12 gears were created by them including a full Apostle set. Theo was chasing(he is still probably) this girl named Pipoh, what he did was letting Meok using that shiny set to make Pipoh jealous(speechless...what a great way to pursue a lady!)

    On the other hand Meok was certainly enjoying this “gift” too, many guild invited her to help with guild war.

    This glamorous period ended by our Iron Lady Wynstelle. Many of Hendro and Theo ‘s account were banned, the +12 gears were either sold or hidden by Meok and Igoo. I bought one as well like many other victims without knowing that was illegal.
    Meok wouldn’t even dare to login because of wynstelle’s MP power.

    I didn’t like to stare at the dark heart so I chatted Wynstelle to settle things. It turned out, Meok and her friends spreading rumors was the true reason for the MP spamming. I was amazed that Wynstelle left her alone after the chat. My big apology to you Wyn family.

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    The redeem code exploitation didn’t give her enough warning apparently. In one guild war, a few months after that, Meok used the illegal Balie apos mace +12 and AHWM +12 “to help”. But her account got suspended within a few hours after the war. Because of my stupidity and the history we had, I helped her to write a ticket explaining her “innocence”.

    This short time suspension at least stopped her from using gebe. But that wasn’t as nearly as enough.

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    At this point, she had played this game for almost 2 years but she only has 2 apos characters(Meok and Scatzie),without gebe she had to figure out some other ways to feed her vanity. So she started selling boxes for other gebe users.

    This one time her told me she was gambling and sent me a pic with 5 bracelets in her inventory. I was concerned, because if I earn 200 dollars a month like her, I wouldn’t spend money like that in game. So I threatened to tell her mom. But it turned out she was using cheat again to create bracelets without consuming material!

    Enough is enough!

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    My dear Meok, I loved you, maybe at some point you loved me too. But I was never enough for u. I myself was sick and tired, I know you and your friends must hate me for reporting, but maybe I’m helping you guys in some ways.

    It’s time to stop!!

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    ok.. oke... nice story,,, but,, do you have proof? or just disney story?

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    May i judge your story, i think that you a jealous and sick in love to those people using gebe, and are you already report them as a cheater ?

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    hahahaha, I think the reason he write in this forum since GM doesn't care, well, take the positive side rather than judge, be aware or don't lower your guard with the mention name whether it is true or not, stop judging sick of love or disney story or whatever, just try to understand him in his point of view and take it as good information for us to more cautious, I hope you find the solution for your case, and painful to say, GEBE is already part of seal BOD, because most of player in BOD use GEBE, thats why if GM banned all of them, seal bod loss around 80% of their player, it just how wise you use gebe, GM banned you if exploit too far, if not GM only banned you for several month or 1 week to 2 week, there is no permanent banned anymore except you dc the server or duplicate the item, i hope this information can help you see ya and keep fighting keyboard warrior!

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