Hey Everyone!

If you have some suggestions or ideas for future events that you would like to see on Seal Online we invite you to participate on this event!

Since many of you has been asking to bring some new events, here is your opportunity to express yourself by sending us your own creation.

The best event idea will be adapted and implemented on the game and the creator will have his/her character name implemented on the history!

If you are interest on participating, access the link bellow and fill up the formulary.



- Only 1 participation per account.

- The event must not contain:
3RD person privacy invasion
Sexual offenses
Promoting illegal activities (cheats, exploits, bots)
Copyright material of any source.
Information that violates the terms of use.

- You must fill all the formulary to validate your participation.

- Do not include ideas too complex to execute such as:
New Maps creations.
New system that does not exist on the game already.

- Be impartial and aware when choosing prizes/rewards.

- If you don’t give enough information to understand your event idea, it will not be considered.

- If you win, we will try to maintain everything just as you proposed, but if some mechanics does not fit with the game posibilities, we may change it a little bit.

- If you want to suggest new item creation or any reference for better understanding, you can upload the images on the file as well.

Event Prizes:

- First Place: 7000 Rps
- Second Place: 5000 Rps
- Third Place: 3500 Rps

Participation Prize:

- [Untradeable] Passionate Bait x30

Duration: From July 31st ~ August 7th at 16:00 PDT to send your idea.
Deliberation: August 7th to 21st GMs will read all the ideas and pick the Top 3.
Voting: GM's will post the top 3 events on August 21st.
Winners announcement: August 21st we will announce the winners and send the prizes.

Love Seal!

Seal BoD Team