A Guild's Value event is now over!

We hope you enjoyed our special community event dedicated to the guilds, our Family in Shiltz!

We are amazed by all the creativity that you have shown in your photos. We really enjoyed them and appreciated all the effort as well!

We present you now, the final winners:

1st place: Ahkane Guild DURAN
Prize: Guild Bank Fund:

2nd place: Harmony Guild (DURAN)
Prize: Guild Bank Fund:

3rd place: Bravefrontier Guild (ARUS)
Prize: Guild Bank Fund:

And for all who participated, you will receive the following prizes:

1 Reset Scroll (Status) (Untradeable)
1 Piya's Magic Fiber - Magic Booster (Untradeable)
2 Piya's Power-Up Potion - Attack Booster (Untradeable)

Thank you all for sharing the reason why your guild is the best in Seal! We hope you enjoyed this event as much as we did!

Rewards will be sent between today July 26th and tomorrow July 27th

Stay Tuned for new community events!

Love Seal ^^
Seal BOD Team