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Why would you put these new pets if you have not proven before? for example Tennis of Goddess Silva doesn't work properly, I play STR Guardian and this pet you say that grows melee with 40% at lvl 3 but this is only applied during that time when I don't have party (empower, Bless, Alm), Ultimate up or cs, is this pet useful only for the classes based on basic attack?
I already sent a ticket in this regard, but you still have not had the good sense to investigate this case. You aren't longer interested in anything not even at our issue regarding running this game, what about the things you promised and aren't yet disclosed? Certainly nobody will read this post because our staff are not interested anymore no longer cares.
Sunny/Iccy does play, does give feedback ingame and on the forum and has said a lot more useful things than your negative ranting about ''how bad the gm-staff sucks''.