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    Red face [DURAN] English Speaking Guild - ELIMS OPEN REC !

    Elims Guild Open Member Recruitment

    Elims, an English- speaking community guild, founded in 2018, is recruiting members !

    ALL JOB, ALL LEVELS, FROM ANY REGION AROUND THE GLOBE ARE WARMLY WELCOME ~ Even if you are not native speaker, you're welcome too !

    o Latest news and events info
    o Updated market prices
    o Hunting together
    o Daily Alcanez and Sage (hopefully Waterway in the future)
    o Fun social community

    If you are interested, you can reply this thread by writing your IGN (in game name) below. Or you can contact us by mailing/ whisper (if online) :
    IGN : Lynwood

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    I am a level 124 Warrior. Would love to be a part of a cumminity on seal. LET ME KNOW!

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    Hi is this guild still active? My friend and I are looking to join an english speaking guild.

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