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    Unhappy Cheat Trade / Bug Trade ?

    Hi Gamemaster and Seal Lovers , yesterday is my scariest day ever which i never seen this such of thing in my entire 8 years seal life.(from seal evolution)

    Chronology : Someone with nickname "Marinuna" and have "Peon" fame also lvl 20x used megaphone and told that he want to buy AHW D/N.XG+12/ FFK+0-9 / Jika Saber XG+10/11 in cegel. so in that moment i was online using my apostle and seeing his message appear in my chatbar. so actually i have AHW N XG+12 def 2 eva 2 crit 2 mov 1 hp 3% to sell. so i decided to whips and make a deal with him. so the deal was 29b for my AHW. so he told me to wait cause he told me that he only had 25b atm bla bla bla then he asked me to wait for a moment and he try to find another 5b. and i said "thats okay i can wait". 10 minutes later he whips me and asked for trade. then without prejudice i asked him to come zaid for trade and i said i will change char into main account to trade with him because my ahw was in my main account(i sensored nickname because its personal, but in case its needed i will call it). then the final process was come , he was right behind me at zaid stage and ready trade with me. but idk what happened and he asked me to zaid bank because his cegels was in bank, then i went to bank with him. and then this unbelieveable thing happened. i knew gm always remind us to not trade with lvl 1 chara and i always keep in my mind, but in this case is different, we got lvl 20x chara . and i guess everything will be alright. without doubt , i trade with "Marinuna" , i put my ahw into the trade bar like usual , and he did put 29 billion as well. and we locked the trade together , and it takes 10 sec for him to press ok in that trade. after that i really shocked for my entire seal life that i never even seen this such thing happened. i didnt get any cegels from the buyer and he gone suddenly. i was like "wth" . Dear Gamemaster , i guess this is really important cases that need to be fixed because its really harm people. but in that night , i sent ticket to GM directly, and GM "Nascid" Replied my ticket and take action directly. and i am hoping for the best my item "AHW N XG+12 def 2 eva 2 crit 2 hp 3 mov 1" will back soon as possible. for my seal friends , dont buy that thing i mentioned.
    also in this noon i played and i saw someone with nickname " Grace95 " shouted selling some ahws N XG+12 , what the heck he got 2 with him , and i asked him what full option of his AHW XG+12 hp 3 one, and he told me recently, the option is " DEF 2 EVA 2 CRIT 2 MOV 1 HP 3" , i suddenly sent ticket to GM about this and also not sure the other was the scam items or not.

    The Point im writing to this is because i care for the entire seal that i loved and spent the most in this past 8 years until now, and i dont want anything bad happened this seal and ruin the community inside the seal. GM that we always count and love , please solve this problem and bring back my ahw , Love SEAL.

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    It was happened to me two days ago.

    But I only lost 115 GMPGs.

    Send ticket to GMs ASAP!! Hope you can find it back.

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    Hi Kutar , yes i did send ticket and GM take an action directly , thanks for the hope .

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewJCA View Post
    Hi Kutar , yes i did send ticket and GM take an action directly , thanks for the hope .
    I think I can guess what the GM will say about this bug

    Everything is under control, there is nothing to worry about
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    This kind of new "cheat/trick" is really scary.
    Imagine, you trade normally your gears to high level character as mentioned above., then after trade no cegel at all.
    I've seen one screenshot from a friend, the guy do the trade near elim bank.
    I guess for now there is only 3 choices for us to avoid this kind of cheat/trick

    1st. Don't sell items in cegel (will be hard since we all need cegel)
    **maybe just do vending.

    2nd. Avoid trading near bank
    **I've heard that both incident happens near bank ( correct me if I am wrong)

    3rd. If really badly need to sell gears ASAP; better sell to players that you've known in game or currently known in-game.

    For sure the cheater out there is trying to come out with revenge to GM/Game.
    Since the day that GM updated the security of the game, This kind of mess happening.
    We can only point our finger to all those magic user.
    If they didn't use it in the first place; the owner of the magic wont come to this idea.

    Stay safe and stay clean seal peepz!

    Lastly; To all those Magic user, You all better keep safe of your gears!
    The cheater will surely attack you.

    Remember when they attack your guildbank?
    It will surely happen again.

    Thanks to GM as they give back your gears.

    How I know this stuff? : It's all LOGIC. this mess keeps repeating as you keep on cheating.

    Innocent players become the victim of this chaos.


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    Hi BoboLin , hopeful everything will be alright , and GM can fix it soon

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    Hi Elektrablaze , i agreed with all your points tho and all of them are make sense. we must stay careful anytime and anywhere , hopeful GM will return my AHW soon and play safe after .

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewJCA View Post
    Hi BoboLin , hopeful everything will be alright , and GM can fix it soon
    I don't know why u still have faith in GM's team....

    How long have they under control Redeem code EXPLOIT? they still don't wanna give us a NEW update....lol

    Do they care about player's cegel? I don't think so~ they only care about the money they can get from player~

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    3 days, still no official notification

    GM's team keep hiding lol

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    i just got scammed too , nick Adeapril04 . rip my fly phoenix , but seriously. why not ahw or ffk ? , this stupid cheater aiming casual user

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