Greetings Shilztians!

Finally, the time is here! We will announce the players list of Monster survival’s Ranking.

Congratulations to all the players who after showing incredible strength, managed to get in the Ranking.

Here is the first list:

and the Top 20 List:

This chart shows the winners chosen according to our system, but after the corresponding investigation, we will confirm and announce the ultimate final winners on July 24th (Winners who got in the rank in a fair and legal way).

* Please remember that any kind of game exploits or 3rd party programs won’t be considered for the ranking event prizes and their accounts will be suspended according to our ban policies.
*If the player passed the rounds trying to bug it by any method it will also not be considered.
* The event prizes will be for the top 3 players for each primary class after the winners confirmation

Thank you, everybody, for participating!

Love Seal^^