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Thread: Status defender

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    Status defender

    Hey can u help me about defender status? Which better defend stule or damage stlye ?

    I want my defender can play solo hunt and colosseum

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    at 261 you can do anything, most defender didn't care about PvP before reaching 240 in which they'll be able to use the Tipareth/Jikael set. In my Experience, Damage is better when you're still grinding your levels, to achieve that your STR must be higher than anything else in your status. I use this kind of status in my Defender,

    Agi: 100-150, Vit : just put any number till you reach around 15-16k total in Your HP at 180 and the rest of the Points go straight to STR.

    Just in case you are be wondering why did i put Agi in there, it's because my Defender was rather lacks in Cegel at that time, so i only use the Abysmall Set which i bought for a bargain price or nowadays you can simply visit Weapon Shop in Elim to buy it. Alas the agi is very useful later on when Apostle simply didn't show up and you crave for killing those Bales without any buffs, why not ? while your damage is rather small Your def is simply the best among the other classes, not to mention that you have PLENTY of crazily wide Area skill, Simply Provoke them and kick their asses to your heart content.

    i forgot the exact stats since i've no longer grind it and only use it mainly to have some fun in colosseum in which i reset the status and pour it all into Vit. Only the stun combo of that wretched Cheff Job and some skilled Assasin will ruin your day when you Reach 261.
    Here is my Gear when it still grinds :

    Abysmall set .XG +7 (it only reached XG when i was around 230, simply to sell it in order to fund a new Jikael/Tipa set in 251)
    Yellow Ribbon. XG +7 (sometimes i switched the head to Yellow ribbon in order to obtain damage if there is no Apostle Available in the Area)
    Holy Sword. XG +8 (THIS IS A MUST, you have to buy an XG weapon or you'll have a hard time grinding the levels)
    Shield of the Eastern Star. XG +7 (you can switch this to any shield whether it's XG or not, i liked it since it has the best defense among the other Lower level Shield and of course it Reached XG at the same time with the Abysmall Set)
    Green Wings +9 (My Joy and pride, since i hatched it myself from a mere 5 million Pink Bird egg. You'll not have any problems with pets nowadays, the market is overflowing with crazily cheap valkyrie).
    100% Double Exp (Yes, THIS IS ALSO A MUST. Like hell i would spend two hours of my time just to grind if i can achieve it for one hour and fifteen minutes at max with this item)

    As for skills, simply prioritize the Attacking skills (Shockwave, Tornado, Crusade) & the Heal skills (it Max Lv will heal 5k of your HP with ONLY 6 seconds delay, very useful for Grinding/PvP), Pick Divine Guard only for it's requirements for the Heal & Reflection skills. This is my way, you can use your own preference if you like. Regards.
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    in 2019 the status should be full vit after using htbs samael + sakiel w+s

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