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    What does the 8th private badge do?

    I finally saved up the badges to buy one, but before I do, I'd like to know what it does?

    Someone told me it gives you a costume, but I already have one running. Is the HP/MP/Attak% worth having a costume going to waste, or should I wait till my IM stuff is over?

    And will this badge be useless once I do more star of victory quests, or can I pass it to an alt, seal it, etc?

    Lastly, is this badge thing timed? Like will it go away in a week or so, or is it permanent like a Walter until I upgrade or throw it away? Thanks in advance, I could not find good info on-line about these.

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    The badge is the first badge you need to start the PA quest line. Going PA gets you certificates, 3 of those certs + the 8th badge, will give you the 7th badge (and 6th and so on). It is very usefull to have, for every class at any lvl.

    The badge lasts as long as a PA season lasts (which is 3 months). When the season ends the badge gets deleted and you get rewards according to the rank you achieved (the rewards are good). (The season is currently about half way or little over half way I think)

    You can just keep the badge in your inventory and it will give the stats to you as shown, it won't interfere with any other badge, wm, talisman etc. It can't be traded or put on the treasury.

    For more information about PA see: http://forum.playrohan.com/forum/sho...#axzz5LTaW3TLn
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    Thanks very much. That cleared up a lot of questions I had. I did not know the PA thing was going in seasons, but now it makes sense given what I saw ppl chatting about at Lime occasionally. Thnx again.

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