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    When will the gem box be opened?

    Although the Special Toolbox 2 is open.
    But the benefit +6 is non-inductive and does not give the player the feeling of wanting to use it.
    A Special Toolbox 2 1800RPS and Jikael's series of weapons 1500RPS for analysis
    The latter benefit is much greater than the former.
    No more advanced equipment is now flowing than Jikael's series.
    Still have to rely on activity to get or in-game system
    A similar activity in Grabbit and the like does not give the player a consumption concept.
    After a long time, the player still rotates in place.
    The fun of not being able to move to a copy without upgrading the equipment.
    Is the official open the gem box?
    For example Albereo's Jewelry Box and Vulcanus' Special Treasure Chest.
    Or is it official to consider selling weapons that are higher than Jikael's series? Even if it is n?

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    Special Toolbox is use for player who wish to upgrade their EQ on those special item to avoid disappear when failed upgrade.
    Yes as u say is not worth to use ASTB on Jikeal/Tipa series, but is good to have it when u upgrade Samael, Sakiel/Zakiel etc. You will cry if u broke and lost your zakiel if u failed upgrade it (u need +12jika/Tipa at 1st stage to exchange it)
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    You don't understand what I want to say.
    Waiting for you to understand the original factory game development trend.
    You will understand what I want to express.
    When the original factory game development resources are 100%
    Yes, the official is also trying to follow up.
    But the resources for the player are not 100% the same.
    As you said (u need +12jika/Tipa at 1st stage to exchange it)
    What is the purpose of the official not opening the Albereo's Jewelry Box?
    Each revision has a set of product structure
    If you have a few missing, it will be difficult to continue.
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