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    [Updated] MS Ranking Event

    Greetings Shiltizens,

    We have an important announcement to make about the Monster Survival Ranking Event.

    As you may have noticed, we removed many top ranking players from the MS Ranking during last maintenance.

    Such players were using illegal programs in order to take advantage on the ranking to obtain the prizes and benefits from the system.

    Please note that all the players found trying to be on the ranking illegally using:
    Any kind of game exploit
    3rd party programs
    …will not be considered for the ranking event prizes and their accounts will be suspended according to our ban policies.

    That being said, we heard many of your opinions about this event and some changes were made. This is the solution we found for the event to be more fair for everyone.

    Here is the update:

    Now, the top 3 players from each PRIMARY CLASS on MS ranking will get the event prizes!!

    That means, if you are on the top 3 ranking of your PRIMARY CLASS after 07/17/2018 maintenance, you will get the event prizes.

    The prizes will be the following:

    Each PRIMARY CLASS 1st place:
    1 Ranael Weapon +0 of your choice

    Each PRIMARY CLASS 2nd place:
    6th grade premium pet of your choice

    Each PRIMARY CLASS 3rd place:
    Ancient Hero Wing’s +0 of your choice

    Classes participating:


    If you are a Demolitionist of an Artisan, you will be competing on Craftman category for this event.
    If you are a Berserker or Swordmaster, you will be competing on Warrior category for this event.
    If you are Apostle or Templar, you will be competing on Priest category for this event.
    If you are Defender or Renegade, you will be competing on Knight category for this event.
    If you are Fire Wizard or Ice Wizard, you will be competing on Mage category for this event.
    If you are Food Fighter or Chef, you will be competing on Cook category for this event.
    If you are Gunner or Archer, you will be competing on Hunter category for this event.
    If you are Gambler or Assassin, you will be competing on Jester category for this event.

    Since the game ranking shows only the top 40, we will announce the full list on July 17th Maintenance on the post announcing the winners.

    If your name is listed on top 3 ranking from your primary class, you will be contacted via email or in-game to coordinate your prize preference.

    *note: In case of Ranael Weapon, you must pick between the 2 kinds available for your class only.

    Top 20 players on general MS ranking will be still receiving 1000 Rp’s. This part has not changed.

    If you have any question about this event rules and mechanics, leave a comment below.

    Remember that any attempt of cheating in order to get on the top 3 will be not considered and your account will be suspended with no rights of complaint.

    Good luck to all! May the best win!

    Love Seal^^

    Seal BoD Team

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    example, if the first till ninth place are berserkers then the tenth is chef, you will pick one from ten berserkers as no1 then the chef no2?

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    @Artrock54 I believe the 1-3th place will be selected from every job1, so there will be 8 ranael, 8 premium 6th pet and 8 AHW. While 4-20th place will be based on global rank

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    CANCEL THIS !!!!

    Gunner with moderate Equip can kill the boss level 1 and still have 1 minute left!!
    Demolition level 213 can Finish Boss level 1 and finish Round 9
    Berseker Level 203 can Finish Boss level 1 and finish Round 9

    our Guild and playmate have the lastest or highest Damage, still Strugle to finish bos level 5..

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    I couldn't agree more on the sentiments of most players in SEAL.

    What kind of MAGIC this people have to kill round 5 boss?

    ----I've got DEMOLITIONIST with high-end gears, the best EQ and premium PET.
    My character got a descent DS-DC and Dragon Bracelet. I got tons of lux/rr and can have a good buff from my Apos.
    But I've never been able to kill the round 5 boss monster..
    So tell me what kind of fcki*ng sh*t magic you using?

    2. Those Chef in ranking (round 9) ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
    My Chef is one of the good ID in Duran and you with so noob gears and pet can pass round 5? and wow round 9 with 0 minutes?

    3. Those FCK*NG BERSERKER that don't even have descent gears/pet/eq and some not even max level on ranking???

    4. Gunner? okay Gunner can pass round 9 base on some trusted players.
    But, ARCHERRR????? MR. ARATAA??? HOW on EARTH you survive up to round 9.

    5. As for the Jester JOB (I can't curse for now as I don't like to try it)

    6. APOS pass more than round 5. WTF DUDE. WHAT KIND OF FACE YOU'VE GOT.


    Lastly, for the GM's -- please show us what round those winners achieve when you post the MIRACLE result.

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    Hell yeah..
    Demolition level 213 ??

    Berseker level 203

    You both are so cool!!
    And lastly for all char that can pass level 5 and 10
    If you read my comment ..

    What kind of gear you have..
    Ds dc dragon bracelet?
    What option your permanent costum
    +9 / 10 / 12 weapon ??
    +9 / 10 / 12 ancient hero wings
    What status you put on it?
    What buff and what potion you used

    For GM's
    Maybe you can start check them one by one
    Try Monstersurvival with our current best item
    Yea show us what round and at what level those winner.


    If zerk and gunner can pass it..
    You can check the weapon they have.. is there any possibility without high end super descent item player can finish it..

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    Since the beginning of the event we already felt the black magic on the top rank players. I as a player who has played berserker class since it was still bug and no one cared about untill it became the best pve class now, can say that there is no way we could possibly pass round 15 with the gears available in the market right now.

    And yes it was me who sent the evidence to gm to help them clarify about berserker class and got the cheaters banned. But one of the YouTubers who was also the top rank and made a video explaining things but never showed a real footage how he passed untill round 19?

    C'mon man, that's totally bull****! who are you trying to fool or who are you trying to protect? Your cheater friends? Yourself? I am calling you out to clarify things. A cheater and a liar is the worst just so you know.

    And for other classes my squad also have tried as follow:

    Assassin and Gunner - passed to round 10 boss but failed, possible to round 14, best gears and odi opt required

    Archer - No way archer can pass round 5, unless best gears and Full odi option and super buff up with rascal rabbit boosters +lux

    Sword Master - possible to pass round 5, also need best gears and full odi option , rascal rabbit boosters + lux

    Demol, and chef/Food foghter still can't pass round 5.

    I believe GMs and devs will double check cheaters again after the event end. So I am going to be patient and let them do their best to make the game better.


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    There's an Apostle who pass round 5.. so yeah magic indeed.
    I don't know if he pray to devil to pass round 5 or what. but one thing I know, You cannot fool us by saying there is no Boss monster on round 5.

    Lets make a comparison

    1.Lenalia vs Baeberry

    Both chef- Both max level.
    Lenalia currently rank 7 (round 9) - he got no bracelet/no scale :P using what pet and gears again? hahaa
    Baeberry -cannot pass round 5 - got the best gears/pet and eq in game. got ds/dc and dragon bracelet.

    So tell me and those 3 other chef that on round 9.. Do you perhaps got GM buff, thats why its easy for you to pass round 5? LOLOLOL

    2. Reona vs other Zerk -- lol, no further comment. the level says it all.
    3. Kotonachan-- your face seems to be the thickest of them all.

    Am I naming too many? its fine.. they deserve it.

    So cheers and lets wait on MT :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by A02Fs View Post
    CANCEL THIS !!!!

    Gunner with moderate Equip can kill the boss level 1 and still have 1 minute left!!
    Demolition level 213 can Finish Boss level 1 and finish Round 9
    Berseker Level 203 can Finish Boss level 1 and finish Round 9

    our Guild and playmate have the lastest or highest Damage, still Strugle to finish bos level 5..
    HAHAHAHA just found some screenshot???
    I'm offended by ur 1st statement
    Don't use ur imagination, pls use ur brain XD

    ps: I can share some proof, and of course after the announcement

    Yeah for the GM, pls double check authenticity from every suspect
    Specially, for Kotonachan, Arataa and the other impossible job
    Quickly take an action before the assessment.
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    Well many thanks to GM im done with this..
    I will just online for chat..
    I wont care about weapons, items,pets,dragons claw scale bracelet necklace or whatever
    No matter how hard you try,no matter how much you spend..
    No chance against all this magic show in this game..

    Enough Headache

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