Hey Shiltizens,

Today we have a special update on “Refine” category on Seal Item Mall.

Many players has been asking for it and now it’s finally here:

Albereo’s Special Tool Box
Albereo’s Special Tool Box 2

This items allow you to reduce the risk of losing you item from “Special Item” category when fail a refine.

Albereo’s Special Toolbox prevents special item disappearance by 80%
Albereo’s Special Toolbox 2 prevents special item disappearance by 100%

You can find them available on in-game IM and on Web Mall.

And to celebrate this Update, we have special discounts on refine category and some selected items as well!

Check the details bellow:

Only during this week, all Refine category and selected Items on WEB MALL with 20% OFF!!

- Albereo's Jewelry Box From 2,000 to 1600 Rps
- Albereo's Refining Potion From 150 to 120 Rps
- Albereo's Tool Box 2 From 1,200 to 960 Rps
- Albereo's Toolbox From 700 to 560 Rps
- Marco's Mistake From 240 to 190 Rps
- Rascal Rabbit Balloon x25 From 2300 to 1840 Rps
- Essential Shiltz Package From 2000 to 1600 Rps
- Buff Package From 500 to 1840 Rps
- Inventory Expansion Package (1,2,3) From 4000 to 3200 Rps
Go to: WEB MALL!

Sales Duration: July 10th ~ 17th at 4:00p.m PDT