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    [Notice] Cegel Revaluation

    Greetings Shiltzians

    We would like to make an official announce about this topic wich took place some months ago during 2017 .
    It is about the "Cegels Revaluation" in the game.
    We were asking players about this topic and all the feedback was used to make a final decision.
    We have decided not to make these specific changes as the internal measures were enough to get into this resolution as the cegels and the in-game economy have been stabilizing little by little and we can see a stable economy these days.

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    Hmm relative though. There are some insanely rich players who have about 500b in their bank. they need to be revaluated as people form different servers play with different cegel strength. unless people who are from the weaker servers are compensated. the Economic gab are just going to get bigger and bigger.

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