* What happened with the experience after the update?

If you were in +50 at the start of the update, you would have 267,305,104,202 of experience.
With that experience you could transcend your statistics once and you stay with 17.305.104.202 of experience.
If you had more experience before the update was a visual bug caused by some pouch with too much experience.
In case of having had a visual bug, we cannot restore that experience.
If you saved a pouch you can only receive the experience after having transcended your statistics once, otherwise you will not receive experience.
It should be noted that the experience is correctly deducted, if you experience any change it will only be if you used a pouch outside the conditions that we have mentioned.
There are no bug with experience. What is happening is by pouch use, but it can be resolved by sending a ticket.

Note: All those who will use the pouch to reach +50 can not request a pouch restoration. This is only for those who already had +50 before using the pouch. The reason is that those who used the pouch to skip levels, had the advantage of quickly reaching +50, there is no option to give the difference or something similar. The correct thing would be to return them to the level they had before using the pouch and to raise the levels without pouch to then use the pouch correctly, but we can not do that.

* Where are the Spirit Stones for Guarder and Transcended Opaniel Shield?
They have not yet been applied. Soon an Item Mall Update will be made to include these new items that are for Guarder and Shield.
We also reported a problem with other shields, we are already investigating the problem. We need to know if it is in all the shields or in some in specific.

* Why is the new dungeon so difficult?
The new dungeon has a difficulty for groups. We know it is difficult but the rewards that you can get there are worth it.
It is a content for players with transcendence. For those new players there is the active 10th Order event and soon we will have more events.

* When will we have new costumes?
We are already working on the application of new costumes for the Item Mall. We will give you more information soon.

* When will the new updates be applied?
In the last 2 quarters of the year a great update will be applied that includes updated maps, weapons, armor and more. Prepare and level up so you can be stronger. The new content will be even more challenging, in the coming months we will show you what is being worked on.

* When we will solve the problems in the Power Arena?
We know there are some problems in the Power Arena as people who stay afk and some classes that do not do much damage.
We will try to solve those problems in the following season. Changing something at this time could generate other problems.
The GMs are going to patrol the Power Arena a few times. If they find AFK players, they will be immediately expelled.
The Power Arena is made to participate. If you want to be stay AFK do not enter because you harm other players. In case some players are constantly AFK in the Power Arena they will not be considered in the End of Season Rewards.
We are making this warning because we will not accept any type of claim.

We hope we have solved some of your doubts.

-R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team-