Greetings Shiltzians!

Summer is finally here and is hotter than ever!

As we always think of our beloved players, in this occasion, we have installed a pool in the center of Elim where you can gain really cool prizes while refreshing up from the heat.

This is how it goes:

In order to get into the pool first, you need to talk with “NPC Pool Shark” who is right outside. You will need to pay a fee to get in, and you might want to wear a swimsuit because you don’t want your precious clothes to get wet right?

Once inside, you will find “NPC Liruru”, who will ask you to bring 100 Natural Salt from any monster in “Nerais” and in exchange, she will give you 1 Random Swimming Pool Party Box which contains a gift inside.
You can help “NPC Liaru” multiple times and get more chances to obtain all the items listed down below:

We know you will love all the cool prizes and we hope you enjoy this event as well.

Event Duration: 07/03/2018 ~08/27/2018

Enjoy with us this summer!
Love Seal^^