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I have a list for sale at Isen server
Guardian +50 Trans Title, costumes, Legendary Eudrome, STR Talisman +7, Elemental Talisman +6, Walters Medal +5, Piece of Silva.
Rare King Lion, Queen Fairy, Royal Dragon, Empreess Unicorn all lvl 3.
Transcended Darkness Onyx Armor all set 19xpdf 1khp with Boots and Tasset +15 rest +12 all dlvl at 115.
Transcended Darkness Onyx Dagger +12 89 melee 43dd 9/9 apsorption 45 str dlvl 110.
Trnascended Darkness Onyx Shield +12 235pdf 1k hp.
Absolute's Patch and Earrings +12.
Also Priest +40 Psy talisman +6, ed talisman +4, piece of silva. Walter's Medal +4 full cotumes, Ghost Mouth.
Darkness Onyx INT set 19xpdf 1k hp.
Darkness Onyx Staff 89hp 50dd 4xpsy 4xvit +8.
King Lion, Fairy, Dargon.
I don't want too many arguments here and for offers and information you can find me on the Fb page: https://www.facebook.com/andy.uhai.77.
P.S I just want to end with this game.
I'd like to buy the shield-Lion and onyx if is dex