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    WTF is wrong with this game!

    I usually login in the evening. I run a solo sage as much as I could, but today, when I entered the dungeon, there were no NPCs. I could invite people to my party, but they can't seem to enter my instance. Seemed my client took a Shiit. I'm almost at the point in giving up on this game. it's getting annoying. so many bugs are still not fixed, the endgame is bullshiit, no PVP. I'm about ready quit this game for good. If I can do a refund, I will initiate a refund for the thousands of dollar I spent on this game.

    I hope you fix the PVP system, and make unison lively again, or give people a reason to pvp; even a ch2 for PVP would give people like me to do.. I'm sick and tired of doing Sage all the time, and today the facking dungeon is bugged. I had to restart my game but now I can't enter because apparently, I've already entered.

    Please excuse my language. I ain't angry, just the way I express myself.

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    I feel you bro.

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    it's not just the dungeons bug, which is FAIL here ....
    since WEEK the server accounts throws out of the game !!!
    Jainus .. her sei the last penner who call themselves working people ..., finally make your ****ing work!
    fixes this lasting DC's here, the eternal bugs ....
    or some people show you the stinky finger,
    should you not forget ...
    I get up drann after 8 years to show you my ass, when I go,
    Thousands of euros have been put here, so you can buy something to eat

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    No one go PvP, bcuz the winner will be ASSASINS, BRO!!! 0 CD for duration, 1HK.O skill....it's an AUTO-WIN for assasins, at least in 1vs1.
    They never doing and PvP event, like 1vs1/2vs2/3vs3 bcuz they now there is no point doing that. If they do such event, the majority of participant will be : ASSASINS, SwordMaster, CHEF, ReneGade, Gambler and APOST as support. Where the others ? DEAD !!!

    The PvP Balance in this GAME is stupid !!! Plus, With PAY to WIN element, nobody will go to coloseum. Except, the rich one, who already got all the tools.

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    How about seal today?

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    this World
    lol this game dead now

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    because legit player got banned from 1 guy with mutiple accounts, thats why I also decided to leave since I got banned without any staff looked to my alibi

    you'll see later on all player in the city is controller by 1 guy only (THE HACKERMAN) who never got banned no matter what

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    the GM's bann people, and when askign the reason, they say its " SECRET" what the hell this gm do..

    its like 2021, when GM ban all people using the same VPN as Dummy account create. and normal player got banned too. GM not admit it lol. player play 5 years afk in town got banned. and released, and gm not giving reason coz " Secret" . and not admit the mistake.

    its going on again today, some GM dont know the mechanic of the Seal bod Game, or some glitch/ bug/ item mall function. kinda bad the management and GM decuision now aday.. sad no wonder people retired and dont want play this game anymore... sigh

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