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Yet somebody from isen still cries that "origin players came and got free opas". Yeah ok free opas, dun forget about 2k $ invested in origin, and then just deleted, like literally nothing can be sold or traded, you are just stuck with 0. And that opa set+weapon which is like 25k rp srsly helps jajajaja. I think that was said by symetrich guild master or smth. Y0 bish you didn't lose **** and still cry. besides 90% of origin was fked over with merge rewards anyways, so what gives
My friend as you saw in my posts I didn't have any problems with those who worked in Origins and they had vip there, I was referring to those who started grow chars in origins during the last month even after the migration was announced. Even so they gave everyone the opportunity to be equal to veterans from Isen, after PA season 2 all will be full trans opa, max lvl and so on, believe me that you didn't donate one year in ORIGIN not even a quarter as I donated, trying to be in the top (top that is now top 1000) and I've lost 3 years there in Isen.
P.S: I realized I had nothing to do in Rbf and I have to play another game.