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    [Event] Seal 5th Anniversary


    We are glad to announce the 5th anniversary of our Beloved Seal Online!
    For over 5 years, Seal Online has brought joy and fun to all of our players who always support us no matter what and for that reason, we want to celebrate with you! With an amazing event!

    From June 6th to July 3th You will be able to celebrate with us by participating in this event and win very cool prizes!

    For this period of time, all Monsters will be dropping “Seal coins” that can be exchanged for amazing items by talking to “NPC Gerald” located in Lime (D5).
    Also, you can obtain “Seal vouchers” that will be dropped only by these following dungeon bosses:

    • Titan Skull
    • Queen Ant
    • Ohm
    • Death Knight Yami
    • Knight of All-Evil
    • Ice Queen
    • Diana
    • Soul CollectorMK2
    • Tarantaros
    • Tipareth
    • Gnome
    • Guard of Rescue
    • Guard of Prayer
    • Unstable Ohm

    …and new event boss: Seal Voucher Keeper

    You can exchange them for more Seal Coins and purchase the 5th Anniversary set as well!!

    And there is more!

    “Seal Voucher Keepers” can be found on GM Events and on Surprise Invasion Events on the game capitals 4 times a day during June, and if you manage to defeat them, they will drop “Seal Vouchers”!
    “NPC Gerald” will help you exchange all your “Seal Coins” and “Seal vouchers”. Find him and luckily you will be able to get the rewards of your choice!

    We hope you can have an amazing time celebrating Seal Online 5th anniversary!

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    Hello everyone,

    Announcing that the this event was extended until July 17th at maintenance.

    Love Seal!

    Seal BoD Team

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