Let's start from the beginning; They started with a new server where they had monetary power 'Crones' but there were 2 socket armors also weapons with 5 socket.
The stones which filled those sockets were only found on Item Mall, later used the method to get them from Power Arena, but more powerful ones appeared '200 status' (to be strong you had to pay).
Later to the world's mouth they made another server 'Old School' the one which later they closed it for some reasons.
We come to the present and we see new update Opaniel Armors may be Transcended (armor-based sockets), further Onyx Armors are less useful even useless and all others without a socket, because Opaniel set effect exceeds any expectations with that 30% PvP Defense.
I wonder how many unexpected things will appear in time things that destroy our investments and pursuing other investments...