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    [Event] Get ready for summer!


    Are you ready for summer? If not, with this event you will be!

    Summer is around the corner and with it, Seal Online Blades of Destiny 5th anniversary!

    Let's celebrate together by participating on this new promotions and events that we prepared for you!

    1)Insomnia Event Summer Edition:

    Demonstrate once again that you are a real Seal Lover and stay as long as you can connected to the game.
    At the end of it, the players who have accomplished the amount of hours required to participate, will receive amazing prizes!

    The best part is that the prizes are cumulative, so, more hours you stay connected, more and better prizes you will get! That means that you will receive the prize related to the hours you could achieve and the previous prizes!

    Event Duration: From May 25th at 00:00 AM PDT to June 18th at 23:59 PM PDT


    * All cash prizes besides the Dyes cannot be traded

    Terms & Conditions:

    *To participate, you can be connected with any character of your account.(You can switch characters anytime and it will be still counting).
    *The prizes are cumulative. More hours you have more prizes you will receive.
    *You will receive the prizes on the character that you login first at the end of June 19th maintenance.
    *The prizes will be sent on June 19th Maintenance.
    *Cash Prizes are sent to Cash bank
    *Normal Prizes are sent to character Mail Box with 30 days for claim.
    *Every second online counts for the event. Once you logout from the game it will stop counting hours, once you login it will keep accumulating hours.

    IMPORTANT: There is no minimum level required to participate but the account must be active and legit.
    Duplicated and non-legit accounts won’t be considered for the prizes!

    2) Item Mall Sales:

    From May 24th 00:00 ~31st 23:59 PDT.

    Selected items with special discount on WEB MALL only!

    And it keeps going!

    Also for spending a total of 2000 RPs on Item Mall/Web Mall during the event period, get for free an event exclusive Aloha Permanent Costume! (grabbit also allowed)

    (all second options allowed)

    The prize will be sent at June 1st.

    Now there is no excuse for not having a perfect tan this summer!

    Love Seal ^^!

    Seal Online Team

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    Can u give the Blue Summer Tube .XG stats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gingerkhan23 View Post
    Can u give the Blue Summer Tube .XG stats?
    Hello Gingerkhan!

    Sure! Here are the stats:

    Have a nice weekend ^^!

    Love Seal!

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    for spending RPs reward, if i spend 4000 RPs in one account, how many Aloha Permanent Costume will i get?

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    Item mall sales etc start from june (next month) or may (this month)?
    Coz last day of june 30th
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    Hi GM

    My Gratitude :

    Thank you for give us new Event, which we don't have to spend RPS.. just online and we get some rewards..

    My View :
    What i want actually say..
    This Event is good but Rewards still not good.

    My Suspicious
    On my point you re throwing a bait to catch big fish.
    1. Almost all Rewards are item mall, we cant sell it because we need premium kiosk. So you believe more of us will open Premium Kiosk.
    2. Rps event for 2000 Rps get free permanent Costum
    On my view, theres probability and indirect Invitation to spend more than 2000 since players will be pulled to open golden chest/Grabit/Etc.. so this free costume is bait to invite people buy golden chest key or another item mal.

    My Experience
    If we compare with another event in the past..
    2 years ago Rewards were black dragon eggs and tail whisp,
    Last year Rewards are tail whisp and abysmal Egg

    No premium Kiosk was needed for those reward and they have good functions in game..

    My Suggestion
    Please for next Event do some research from new and from veteran players, what kind of reward should be given..

    I know this game based on pay to win not free to play..
    But the 1st mission from seal 3 years ago was "Your Choice" that mean we can spend RPS or do the game think like "grinding " or joining event.. the chance to get good item with or without spending was like 60 tp 40..

    Nowadays this concept become very blurry, if i can say the chance is like 80 to 20..

    Your Daily event are quite amusing but we need Weekely or Monthly Event or Weekend Event..

    I hope this event not made to distract us from redeem code issue..
    Some of them have used they redeem code really well, move golden chest key to another char and spend it all , they got Free very rare BraceletDragon and some Fly Black Dragon..

    Coz i doubt how you can deal GCK and Game Master Piyagra and Rascal Rabbit Baloon that i dont see your exact answer for this 3..
    For Better Seal Online
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    The prize will be sent at July 1st. ????????????????????

    Need to wait for a month to get Aloha Permanent Costume ???

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    Hello Guntor

    We apologize for the misunderstanding. Know that we have corrected the date. Now you can see the real dates in the post.

    Seal Online Team

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    Blessed diamond or lvl 6 pet please...
    for 200 hours or more..


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    Quote Originally Posted by free0127 View Post
    The prize will be sent at July 1st. ????????????????????

    Need to wait for a month to get Aloha Permanent Costume ???

    Hello free0127, sorry for the misunderstanding!

    The event starts at May 24 ~31th.

    The prizes are sent on June 1st.

    Have a good weekend

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