Greetings Shiltizens,

Today I would like to clarify in the name of all Seal Online Team about this last issue that happened on the last few days about redeem codes promotion that was abused by a few users.

I recommend you to please read carefully all the content on this post since it will contain all the related information and providences about this issue.

First of all, DO NOT believe on any rumors that players may be spreading on the community since we didn’t make any official or unofficial announcement so far about anything. This is the first announcement and the last.

We deeply apologize for this issue and also feel very sorry that some innocent players has been harmed by malicious users trying to take advantage of an event that we did thinking on the happiness and well-being of our faithful users that support us every day.

So let's talk about the actions we took to eliminate this problem.

1- All the codes redeemed by the original owners has been already deleted and removed from the system. There is no way this codes can be redeemed by any abuse.

2- We have tracked all the players who took advantage of this and of course, actions will be taken.

3- We already have the data of all items obtained by abusing the codes redeem event and we are investigating every case and item.

4- All Gems and Items obtained abusing the codes will be deleted from the server, and items refined will be downgraded according to its previous state.

We highly recommend, do not buy any suspicious items or Blessed Refine services during this investigation.

Here is the items that are under investigation:

- High stacks of Game Master Piya Gras
- High stacks of Piya Gras
- Chirp Chirp Candy XG+
- Blue Ninja Mask XG+
- Blessed Ruby
- Blessed Diamond
- Blessed Pink Diamond
- Wings of Shrouded Bale XG+
- Reset Scroll 2nd Job x1
- Black Dragon
- Mandragora
- Kitsune
- Samael Damage Wings XG+
- Samael Magic Wings XG+
- Black Dragon Glove XG+
- Golden Dragon Glove XG+
- Golden Chest Keys
- Rascal Rabbit Balloons
- Lucifer Costume Permanent
- Red Bruce Costume Permanent
- Old School Costume Permanent

Once we complete the investigation, we will make an official announcement on this forum to let you know that all the illegal items has been removed.

In case you bought or suspect of having a ilegall item already, we recommend you to keep this item on your inventory or bank to make easier for you and us to restore your cegels back.

Rumor's clarifying:

GM's already have this matter under control, there is nothing to worry about, server won’t be affected at all.
The server will keep the same, no other actions will be taken besides the items deletion and punishments of abusers.
Seal online BoD awaits many amazing new features this year with many new events, updates and much more that will be revealed soon!
Some malicious players are trying to make this issue bigger than it is and spreading false rumors around the community, don't believe anything you heard besides this official announcement we are the only source you can trust on this matters.


On the next June 5th maintenance, a compensation will be sent to everyone as an apology for this inconvenience.
As always, seal online team is always happy to support and help any player from our community, if you have any question or inquiry, you can contact us sending a ticket to:

Keep enjoying Seal Online BoD and see you on my next post!

Love Seal ^^
Seal BoD Team