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    seems not yet.

    There is a joke named under control

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    it almost 2 months!!!!!!!!!! still under control???

    No one believes that you guys have already control anything, you guys just cover the truth that you can't fix that

    Players just want to know are those items safe to buy, is this question way to difficult to you, GMs?

    No player wants to see you guys say " under control " ALL THE TIME

    give us some schedule
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    GMs just ignore this topic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albreiker View Post

    I think there are some misunderstandings here. Everything is under control because:

    1. We already have the list of all the accounts involved. (The sanctions will vary depending on how involved they are, we know that there are innocent people involved but we can not allow them to keep those items).

    2. When we say that the items return to their previous state, it is because we will do that. Nobody talked about rollback to the server or anything like that. (If you used legal items you should not have any problems)

    3. If you bought any item in exchange for cegel, your cegel will be refunded without problems. Again, we can not let you keep those items, but you will not lose anything.

    4. People who are trying to harm players or the community by saying nonsense will also be banned for saying unfounded things and creating confusion in the users. The number of users found is not as many as people are thinking.

    I ask that you only take into account the official information we give on facebook or in the forum. And if you see a player sending false screenshots or giving unofficial information, report it.

    Note: There is no code working. Just as a precaution, do not buy items that come from the codes at the moment, since it could be eliminated if it is not legal.

    Seal Online Team
    2 months from this official information

    still under control , yeah yeah, you just wanna control player's mind

    let players forget about this issue then you can keep making money from players

    good job GM's team

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