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    Thumbs up How to kill a brilliant idea in 3 steps

    1: Only care about money
    2: Don't give a F**K about what people wants/say
    3: Add the good stuff only after the server died

    I'm sorry, ok? But on my opinion playwith is nothing but the YNK little brother. Same greediness, the same way ynk f**ked rbf a few years ago.
    What did u expect? You'll do only what you want and the people will keep playing?
    Let me tell you about the people who played origin. Besides the vietnamesse there was a bunch of gold(old players) who came back because of their enthusiasm playing this old but still good game.
    They quit in less than 2 months, most of them went back to private servers.
    I'm sorry but you digged your own grave.
    I hope you're proud of f**king it up, closing the only server that had some potential.

    For those who had their account migrated to the rbf. enjoy playing with vargs.

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    just move on from this game,like i did,uninstaled coz they close migration proces....Bless online coming on 28-30 may
    no way to play rbf and start from 0...

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