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    Questions about OP items

    I had some questions about the Jainus server--

    1. WTH is an upgrade 3.0 wep and how/which npc "upgrades" it?

    2. Do Magical Talismans and Walter's stack together AND with Gold Trophies or Tokens? I know some Talismans won't stack because they are dah same element. I'd like to know b4 getting some.

    3. Permanent costumes have 3 sockets on hat and suit. Can u wear 3 patterns on each and stack the effects? Like wearing 3 hat and body costumes at once? Wouldn't that get hot?

    4. How do u get absolute set, and is it passable or blue named?

    5. WTF is Max Title?

    6. Is there an armor reinforcement 5 recipe or abradment stone drop in the game at all?

    7. What is the difference between using crystals to + a weapon instead of ars besides the lvl it can go? If I understand things right, wouldn't it be safest to use crystals to +5 safely then switch to ARS and Abradments to add another 5 or 6 in one go and be done gambling? And does "+"ing a weapon increase the % values or just stats (str 24, etc)?

    8. As of 5/12/2018 what are the best rings/accs to have? The Pendants look like 4 hero rings tied into a set u can plus. Are there other new things I am missing? I know Onyx now gives u stats in the armor, and the weps have higher % combinations now, power arena gives some crazy stuff, but geez this is all a bit much...

    9. Does the IP Mall in Craft sell good armor and weapon parts, or is it all junk or random like mob drops?

    10. Why is everything now billions of crone?

    11. Where do you get boiled rabbit quest in Arbelorn? Thanks in advance.

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    Come play Isen till you have chance lol Jainous is corupted. Upgrades weapons are only in exchange or black marker they was on sale 2 years ago in item mall... in isen you can + evrything and make op sets during you play. had max armor reinforcement IV but seems they removed it cos i cant find in npc now max is III that blueprint you can find entrance rahkoon 2 and go back to rahcoon 1 there is npc. V and VI are items only item mall sale.Absolute set can be trade but also they no sell them that was prize in events, ingame casiono etc.In jainous have alot ancient items from last 7 years game cos diferent servers diferent gameplay and all was merged in that server. Isen is new here and is based ot craft.Low dd and more fun in pvp and play.

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    1: Upgrade 3.0 is a weapon that was released a few months after they released upgrade 2.0. They are only currently obtainable if you buy or trade them with another player. They don't drop in game.

    2:You can wear one type of tali only, so pick either agi / str / dex, whatever. You can equip a Walter Medal / tali / trophy / token. They all stack.

    3:You can only equip one pattern of each type on a costume. so one yellow, one green etc on a hat and same on the body. They do get hot so make sure you get a skimpy one!

    4:Tradeable. You can buy from other players.

    5:Max title is either Star of Victory title (obtainable from getting badge of victory from the Power Arena) or if you are +50 its the OP title 1000 stat title.


    7:Crystals enhance the base damage of a weapon. They also give the weapon its glow after +5. ARS are not used to enhance a weapon they are Armor Reinforcement Stones, used to boost craft rings / armors or boss drops. It is safe to enhance to +5. After that if they fail (and they will) your weapon will vanish forever! Use premium preservation stone from the IM to not lose your weapon when trying to for +6 or higher.

    8:The new Chakra drops


    10:They had a couple of events (Halloween / Christmas event 2017) that everyone made billions of crones out of. Hence the prices of in game items are now super inflated.

    11: Didn't think anyone did quests anymore lol
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    Thanks much for those answers. The game gets so confusing at times it's hard to tell what works with what, or how you're supposed to do something. I've heard good things about Isen, so I'll have a look at that server.

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