Greeting Shiltizens!

For this special month, we want all kids to be happy… but unfortunately, “Little Jim” lost some precious items and we need to help him out!

Little Jim lost 20 candies running away from a Bale and he also dropped his pacifier into the river!
* Little Jim is waiting for you on the south bridge of Elim "D1".

Because he has a precious innocent soul, “Little Jim” will reward you with helium balloons, only if you help him out. These balloons make you walk easier, feeling almost like if you were floating.

Here is what you need to do in order to get this amazing prize….

You need to talk to “Little Jim” and ask him why he has been crying, he will tell you the reason and you need to offer him your help, in order to do so, you must bring the following:

- 20 Little Jim’s Candies, dropped by all the monsters and bales.
- 1 Little Jim’s Pacifier that you can get by fishing (you will have to do a lot of fishing to get this one)

Once you have the 20 Little Jim’s Candies, he will give you 1 "Trade Proof". Once you have 1 Little Jim’s Pacifier as well, he will give you another “Trade Proof”.

If you have both “Trade proofs”, Little Jim will give you the amazing Helium Balloons!

Item Maximum stadistics:

* Can be traded and sold.

*Helium Balloons can be refined and turned into G, DG and XG.

We hope you can have fun while doing this event and Keep enjoying Seal![/SIZE]

Love Seal^^

Seal: BoD Team