Greetings Rohanians

The account migration process is now open! We know how much you care about your previous in-game progress so far. Therefore, do not miss this opportunity to transfer your account from Rohan Origin to Rohan Blood Feud. This is not the end of your journey: migrate now to keep enjoying all the excitement and embark on new adventures in the kingdom of Rohan Blood Feud.

Before you fill the migration form, please carefully follow the migration steps instructed as well as the limitations below:

  • Have at least 1 character level 100 in Rohan Origin.
  • Have been active in the game the last 3 months. The date of the migration publication is taken into account.
  • Not to have committed any illegal action.
  • Create 1 or 2 characters with the same account in Rohan Blood Feud.
  • Fill out the corresponding form that will be provided through facebook or web.

  • You can migrate up to 2 characters per account.
  • No items will be moved since the game versions are different.
  • The migrated character will be in his basic class.
  • To acquire the corresponding skill points you must use the Reset Skill stone item that will be provided to each migrated character
  • To acquire the corresponding status points you must use the Reset Status stone item that will be provided to each migrated character
  • The characters will win the maximum level of Rohan Blood Feud which is 115. (The conqueror levels are not included)
  • The corresponding characters must be created in Rohan Blood Feud before filling out the form.
  • The race requested for migration must be the same as that created in Rohan Blood Feud. (Example: You can not migrate a Dhan and get a Trinity).
  • Only 2 migration codes may be used per account.
  • The process of character improvement and the sending of migration codes will be done during the week following the service's closure.

If you agree with the Requirements and Limitations, fill the migration form:

For those of you who successfully migrate your account, will also receive a “Migration Reward”

Migration Reward:
A code is given for each migrated character. (Maximum 2 characters)
They will be given a code that will contain the following items:

  • Reset Status Stone x1
  • Reset Skill Stone x1
  • Golden Monkey x1
  • Power Badge x 200
  • Lightweight 48 Slot Bag (30 Days) x3
  • Crimson Puma (30 Days) x1
  • Sealed Hunter kit (30 Days) x1
  • Opaniel Armor set
  • Opaniel Exchange Ticket (Weapon)
  • Beginners Accessories

*Opaniel set: will only be sent to one character, the other character will receive chimera armor.
* The code will be sent to the registered email of the account.
* Additionally they will receive 100m of crone after using the migration code.

We promise to have all of your existing data ready for you once the migration process is over!

See you all soon in Rohan Blood Feud.

*Accounts that have characters created in Rohan Blood Feud, also the migration will be done but after doing the players that do not have any character.
*Items and crones will not be transferred in order to prevent any malfunctioning of the Rohan Blood Feud server.

*May 16th will be the last day to complete this migration form.

Best regards,