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    Status Return to what it was After using Reset Status Scroll

    Hello, GM

    I bought the Reset Status Scroll and used to reset my status point. However, after I teleported using the Dimension Gate, my status then went back to what it was before.

    Could you please help me with this Problem?

    My Character Name: Zodium
    Server: Duran


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    When you first went to the Unison server through the Dimension gate. You selected your stats. It is just changing your stats to what you picked at the time as your stats in Unison are separate from your stats in the Duran server.

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    so if I want to restat outside Unison. I have to buy another Scroll?

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    Just to clarify more, I used the Scroll inside the Unison server. Does it mean that if I actually want to reset my stat, I have to buy another Scroll?

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    Normal server and Unison server are different. When you use Stat Reset Scroll in the normal server, it only resets there and does not affect Unison stats, same goes for Skill Reset Scroll. So to reset Unison, you'll need another scroll unless you class change then it resets both.

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    Actually I want to reset my stat point in Normal server. I didnt know that those two servers are separated so I used the scroll in the Unison. Seems like I have to buy a new one

    Thanks for the info anyway

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