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    Quote Originally Posted by Diabolicesp View Post
    You do realize everything your saying revolves around bugs affecting damage. You can also stop preaching this meta nonsense. I could care less that you lack individuality. What I do care is you trying to impose a useless paradigm against my own core values and interests. ~

    And again, I play what I like. For who'm am I being flexible for. Myself? There will be a fix eventually, why should i waste my time on a class that I won't enjoy? You know the answer. Yet you still continue to argue with me as if you think I would and should like the class. Child you know nothing about my tastes and interests. I suggest you stop trying to convince me/say other wise on what I should do on my own computer.

    Quote Originally Posted by EverGreenz View Post

    Post pics and stats on target dummy. I still harbor doubt in what you say based on what I've seen.

    Regardless even before the Bug defenders need quite the buffs.

    Also IIRC the defender skills actually have a hate value modifier to them. If it didn't, it would be 100% impossible to keep the bosses attention as everyone out dps it. That hate value is separate and multiplied with the damage done.

    And yet. it doesn't seem that much.

    They need to either increase the damage defenders do or increase the hate values on the skill to address this.

    In regards to defender/berserker, it's the case above and the fact zerk is doing waaay too much damage.
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    In this game, if u are a lone wolf who doesn't play the mainstream classes such as Berserker och Apostle, u will be likly to have a harder time finding random party to do stuffs.

    I have been playing Berserker long before the major update and at that time, if u aint a gambler, gunner or apostle noone's gonna care except your friends and guildmates. As now Berserker is the 1st priority for Pve. 1 Berserker 1 Apostle with great gears can finish all the Raids and Sage tower.

    From my perspective on Pve and with my Pve experiences, Berserker is not always needed. We have tried our runs without Berserkers(not even full party) and man those runs were hella fun and it brought back the feeling of playing a real game with all the challenges.

    For all the bugs, let's hope that the management will see it as the 1st prio because our gaming experience depends on it.

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    Be flexible and try zerk.
    MMORPG allows you to play classes at your own will, subjecting the game to one DPS class alone is rather arrogant. Berserker isn't the only class in Seal that can deal damage. Each class has its own specialty which is why people play them in the first place. It's a preference of what one like to play and what they can bring to the table with their choice of class.

    From experience with PvE as a non Berserker, my Gunner, Wizards, Demolitionist, Renegade, Templar does really well in all fields from Open-World to the new dungeon (Elim Underwater). It's a matter of build and knowledge of what the class can do and how they can support the party than can they do insane damage like Berserker's.

    From what I've seen and noticed, when people find out a class is bugged, they immediately switch to Berserker as they know it's "not bugged" and are over powering.
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    you dont even know that templar skill damage depends on your int, not your str..

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