Forgotten King Expansion is finally here!

We invite you all to read this article and get to know all the new features available.

Expansion Main features:

-New quests
-New levels
-New hunting grounds
-New Dungeon
-New armors
-New weapons
-New skills

New Quests:

- Talk to NPC Luna. She is next to Card Master in Elim Center
- She will ask you to investigate the strange fracture behind the training center.
- You must get in and Help Dr. End to investigate the zone.
- Find all the lost diaries to uncover the mystery behind the facts.

New levels:

- Level has been expanded to from 251 to 261
- 3 EP obtained at level-up
- Basic status increases at level-up
- Web Ranking will be restarted
- New web Ranking for lvl 261

New Hunting Grounds:

-Two new Hunting Grounds added:
Ruined Elim
Underground Cave
- Hunting ground available for level 251 and forward.
- Full of strong and dangerous Bales covered by Darkness.

New Dungeon:

- Level required: 251
- On Dungeon Elim Underground Waterway you can find 5 new Bosses:

Crystal Golem
Wrestler Koontrana
Undead Ingela
Forgotten King

- To Access this Dungeon you only need to Talk to NPC Luna to have access to the Dimension Portal behind the training Center, get into the another dimension and find Dr. Heroend, talk to him once you lead a group and you will be able to get in with your friends.
- To re-enter on this dungeon more than 1 time a day, you will need a Old Knight Authentication purchased on Item Mall

New Armors:

- You can find broken pieces of Ranael’s armors on Elim Underground Waterway Dungeon.
- Gather this rare pieces and purchase a Ranael’s Armor Manual from Dr. Swordend on Temporary Shelter.
- Put the broken Ranael Armor, the required materials, some cegel and if you are lucky enough, you may success on creating a new Ranael Armor piece!
- Remember: Once Ranael Armors are being created, it will pick a random Job as required and can only be used by this specific Job.