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    S> RPS 3000RP remaining | KST< KUTA< CHICKEN< BDG

    WM\Mail IGN: Beastzerker or Nanabanana, I have 3000 RPs to dispose, Rate 1:2m

    S> KTS XG+7 Unapp 650m
    S> Chicken (B) +7 10atsp 2hp etc..
    S> TBS Kuta XG+0 Unapp = 600m
    S> Wings of BirdWife XG+9 = 3bil
    S> Colored Owl 5th stage +0. 6atsp = offer

    B> BDG XG Cheap = Cegels + RPs
    B> Top and Bottom Ghost Costume XG+9

    WTT> BNM XG+7 + Cegel or RPs = BNM XG+9

    Im usually on from 6:00pm to 12:00pm (PST) Murican time!

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    does anyone ever check the forums??? so many ppl yet forum's dead...

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    server duran? if yes u can chat me at gmail..

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