Greetings, Rohanians!

We’re glad to announce the reworked Power Arena! This year the Power Arenas brings you a new and improved battle system. Read the following guide to learn how does it work, how to obtain the new badges and prizes! Gear up and show the whole kingdom who is the strongest and the mightiest of all!

Since the Power Arena is going to be available soon, you should be able to participate by clicking the option “Power Arena” from the Badge Exchange Center.

The NPCs from the Power Arena are located in Fishing Hole. For ascending your rank, you must take the ascending mission from the NPC Ashwind.

Now we are gonna show you where to buy your first Badge.

The 8th Private’s Badge can be acquired in the "Badge Exchange Center" for 50 Power Badges.

It will be available for all the players that login in the game when the first season of the Power Arena starts.
When you have it in your inventory, you just need to make a double click and you will obtain your first Badge.
Only by having it in your inventory, you will enjoy all the benefits.

Today you will learn which ranks you can achieve in the Power Arena.
By participating in the Power Arena you can receive the Certificates of Battle that will help you to upgrade your Rank.

The ranks are the followings and they have their respective badge that is stronger according to the Rank.

We are so glad to announce that the Power Arena is going to be available on February 27th.
Each Power Arena will last 30 minutes and there will be 8 Power Arenas daily.

Morning Scheadule - 7:00 AM PST until 9:00 AM PST
Afternoon Scheadule - 18:00 PM PST until 20:00 PM PST
* Tuesday (maintenance) Scheadule - 21:00 PM PST until 23:00 PM PST

It will be from Monday to Saturday. You can only win once a day and receive your “Certificate of Battle”.
If you lose 3 times in a day, you will receive a “Certificate of Battle” also.

The seasons of the Power Arena will last 3 months. Also you will receive a reward at the end of each season according to the best Rank you achieved.