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    The essence of Life and Rohan:

    helo dear friends today i bring special contribution to commmuntity. i was many inspiration from sumer contest in the year before now so i took bit of transpiration from uhmm a selected contestent (dont tell hihihi) kkk.

    what i like about this? i like all dis. happy summer... nic grils.... kiss on photo ... very much in valentine spirit ok. please like

    als o many corne, i love crone ofc all in rohan about crone know what they say; time is crone and crone is lov.e

    wanna thank all in advance for big love for picture...rohan...all...love so mucho ... and art... tyvm

    im back to shotta ))) bye. ppls pls no hate if my art good okay <.< not be mad+500 k pls otherwise run back to lower XD
    also acc infro:

    yourmom - jainus
    shottasonoob - isen

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnyangel View Post

    It is okay strell

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    Quote Originally Posted by snipers3379 View Post
    It is okay strell
    Dats even worse cuz its not even my name its literally a char I bought from EM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shannon11 View Post
    I feel like a transgender hipster genderfluid gay bisexual straight fairtrade blue grass smoking apache helicopter, but I can't show this with rohan SS

    (also haihai Karr, it's been a long time :3)

    Its better to play them in real life kek kkkkkkk
    lol you always make me giggle!

    And hai Flo <3

    When you wake up..
    I'll be a story in your head,
    But that's ok.
    We are all stories in the end.

    Just make it a good one eh?
    Because it was, you know.
    It was the best.

    ~ The Doctor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FennixGM View Post

    Greetings Rohanians!

    What better way to express all your feelings for your beloved one than participating in this great event! That’s right, now this is your chance to show all the Rohanians that you and your Valentine love bonds are the strongest in the entire kingdom!

    The only thing you have to do is take a picture with your Valentine. Any editing program is allowed.
    GMs will choose 3 photos and the community will choose just 1 winner.

    *This event will be available from February 14th at 16:00 PST until February 21th at 12:00 PST.

    Winner rewards:
    • Elemental Ruler's Heart
    • 1000 RPs for each user
    • 500 Millions crones
    Second Place Rewards:
    • 500 RPs for each user
    • 300 Millions crones
    Third Place reward:
    • 250 RPs for each user
    • 200 Millions Crone

    Participation reward:
    • 50 Millions Crone
    • Hunter Kit (7 Days)
    • Raffle of 25 Lightweight 48 Slot Bag (30 Days)

    - Player will have to upload the photo to our Facebook post or Forum and write down the exact name of the characters and the name of the server.
    - Use of photoshop or related programs is allowed
    - The characters must have a level higher than 50 to be able to receive the RPs.
    - Only one post per Facebook User (multi post will lead to an immediate disqualification).

    We hope all of you have fun and enjoy this event as much as we do!

    *Update: the participation prizes of the event were sent

    Best regards
    R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team
    Haven't got my participation reward - 50mil crone & Lightweight Bag. Did receive the HK though..

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    huhhh Playwith has some sponsorship with Google? You gotta have a gmail account to vote.

    Devs that lazy to create a poll in forum? lmao

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