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    so.. has this been fixed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonbonfish View Post
    tell the truth is rude? how about u ??? buttering them up ? what can u get ? lol

    when they start an event that needs to log in for **** hours, the server is always lag and unstable all the time!

    If the server doesn't have any problem , why did GM say "" we are working to improve the servers proficiency "" ???

    I use MSI laptop and fiber, still LAG and DC. ( I live in NZ not backward country BTW lol )
    Well.. i dont have your trouble here.. its totally clear and normal here..
    So bad for you man..
    Well if GM told u that.. maybe you should know it as "formally public service"

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    Quote Originally Posted by demolpro View Post
    oh my, to be very honest with you, i feel so bad for you man.
    I live in the U.S, northwest to be exact, with a 94+ Mbps of download and 90+ Mbps of upload and 1ms ping, constant, all the time.
    I have a GTX 970, i5-4460, 8GB of RAM for my PC specs.
    I'm sorry if im not using any laptop bcs I dont see why I should play on my laptop rather than my PC.
    I don't know what your talking about when you said that I have problems with my connection or my laptop ( pc in this case)
    You might not understand how frustrating it is since you don't do sage/raid/alca that often, which I believe is the case, and I'm okay with that.

    And I'm stating the truth, not just some sweet talk or non-relevant chatter.
    Raid, Sage, Alca are all part of the End-Game content; and they should not be filled with lags, disconnection, DC messenger, delays and stuff.

    PS: I have never attacked a specific person for the problems that we have, and I think you should not do such as well.
    All I want is for this game to get better overtime, and not to get worse just like some other Seal Online out there.
    If you don't want some improvements on this game, I get it , its okay, not blaming you for anything.
    But since I am a loyal Seal players, and I actually CARE about this game, I don't want this game to get WORSE, or even CLOSE.

    My suggestion for you?
    1. Don't use rude words when advising people not to use rude words.
    2. Reach Lvl 200+ with some decent gears to actually EXPERIENCE the lagness of the game, because I know you're not on that league yet (sorry not sorry).
    3. Make a new thread about complementing GMs, you might get some prizes or some free stuffs if THATS WHAT YOU WANT.
    4. Go on a diet man. I know for a fact that people that mock others with their weights have an insecurity of their own, so yeah.....
    5. Buy a new modem, your modem sucks ass. My modem has never had any problems these past 2+ years. So...
    6. Practice more ! Practice more on your skill in making other people mad, bcs you have failed in making me mad. Maybe try next time?

    Comment on my thread more man, that way GMs can see that there are actually people that care about this game. And so that more and more people know that you are an A-hole.
    Have a good rest of your day
    I just tell my experience babe..please dont cry.. so you have more than standard requirement.. like good connection and good pc pec.. thats good connection and good pc spec..
    you and your spam pos tell me you just impatient type.. no matter gm fix it or no matter any game you into it.. u will keep repeating the same thing "protest and protest"
    As u mention it..
    I dont need any reward from GM i just write my own experience..
    About sage, or alca or anything like that.. some of my party member maybe have this connection or dc problem.. but not with me..

    Thnx for give me some advise mr perfect wannabe..
    Let me give u also some suggestions..
    1. GM's also people.. they are working people man.. they dont have 24 hours like you only eat , take **** and play in front of pc.. if you wanna do such protest, u can also write it in proper manner and words

    2.if ure trying to advise me, so reflect with your own words, you dont use rude words but u used rude sentences.. so u and me are equal in this case.. only maybe you think, no one better than you .
    3. Sorry if you mad because of me.. i tough u always use that kind words and sentences in your life so i write the same..
    4.League 200? I reached 251 more than 10 id with different job.. this game is not bad as you say (maybe its not for you since youre impatient type like some of my friends ( hard to change people character)
    Since 2010 I always have a good day with balance life.. game , sport , job , woman , party and movie..
    I hope you get well too..
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    Quote Originally Posted by elektrablaze View Post
    Veramonte,. FYI Many players experience the same frustration demolpro expressing out. (Most of them express their rage in game via MP)
    If you ask most of the players who do sage, alca, raid, gwh or even just those who are vending experience this kind of lag and disconnection.
    Perhaps you wont experience it since you RARELY online

    And lastly, GM won't know this kind of frustration.
    Why? I don't think they even play the game.They just do event then poop!!! GONE
    Yea maybe i dont play this game as much as before or i can say i rarely online..
    This lag or dc always become main issue..
    But i tried to check it with friends.. and during sage or alca (except warzone and hunger games) i dont have this bad experience (maybe i got lucky)..
    Some of my friends tried and used engine ( i dont know for seal or for any other game) and got many time dc problem.
    As for me, i dont open any other programs during game.. not even music or spotify or chat and i never get lag or unnecessary dc..
    I got dc only every 24 hours at 05.00 am since its forced restart rules from the provider to keep the connection clean..
    Well maybe GM lacks of workers.. since they have to take care any others game..
    If you say, GM dont play the Game im totally agree.. after do MT and some daily event they gone.. no GM focus only for seal.. maybe theres only 3 GM (kurumu, chis, volkymore) to maintenance 5 games..

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    Whoa so hot argument here.. Both of you got good points about the issue.
    To be fair, this latest MT is somehow smooth. I rarely disconnected from the game, ( I don't know about others).
    I do everyday sage and raid so I can tell that i rarely got dc or error or so3d
    During gwh is mostly the disconnection or error occurs.... Maybe using 3rd party program is the main issue of error...Like Gebe(HAHAHAAH) or macro mouse.
    Or perhaps someone dc'ed you.. (just wild imagination)
    Well, Everyone hopes for the best.
    Since we all love the game.. We can do reports to GM about this thing..
    Even if they respond like a repetitive BOT, I somehow feel that they already know the issue.
    We just give them time... Just how we waited for the Cook to be release before.. LOL
    Cheers and peace out!!

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    Chill da f k out ????????????????????????????????

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    I wanna bump this thread cause i am having the same problems right now... I wanna know if you were able tonresolve this problem and how? I also wanna ask if this problem startes after a maintenance? Are you using windows 10?

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    so just send ticket about getting disconnected while at dungeon .
    they said they not having problem with their connection .
    and they only give me compensation 1 reset ticket dungeon item after 2 days since the ticket has been send .
    should we send ticket everyday to get that compensation ??
    i'm not doubting their server connection / capacity .
    but i think its better they should adding option player can decide dungeon will reset or not if we're leaving the dungeon (Disconnection)
    so they not have to worry about sending compensation or we should send ticket everyday .
    since dungeon limit is only once/day.

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    Yeah here in EU too started this instant dc when in log screen or just logged in after some sec btw dont cry just more people report mayabe faster fix have good day =)

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