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    Post Help: old ED Quests items can delete to trash!! why??

    A long time ago ED quest is other NPC other type to get twins so have so many other quest items still at our inventory but we cant delete it to trash..

    GM u can make it white can drop or trash it!

    some items like that have green color// useless now

    new Elemental dungeon dont have that items >.<

    What we can do with that slots// useless very weight

    Dears GM fix it up pls

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    GM did u read this my post? this item of old Elemental Dungeon is now useless // u need clear it from whole database lol

    some Askeena items very old messing inventory ... lol

    or u can make a quest at NPC now can exchange its to something / ERS or IP ticket ... etc
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    oh with new bug of bag5 we can delete this old ED items// have a good and bad case here

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    okey with bag5 now after maint emergency haha //

    i got the name of items

    items name like Ashhart's Mirror, Ashkeena's Picture, Ultra Premium Scale , and some more Ashkeena quest items

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    Did you get solution? I can't delete those in my inventory

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    You gotta contact support and get them to remove those items manually.

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    I did it yesterday and till now no reply

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