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    Quote Originally Posted by PenguinJoe View Post
    How much love you want? You're getting fked every few minutes. It must be a love event!
    +1 this xD

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    no more update ?!! For more map can Drop hearts Love )??? GM make it pls

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    I think about the quest title Heart Breaker u can change to lv50 to take it dont need to off if // many lowbie maybe need it .. its is a good update for this event

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    The new inventory update is much appreciated! However, cannot say the same thing about the Valentine event - it sucks even more now. Tired of this roulette-type boxes. So monotonous just for 1 type of drop... still having nightmares from the Winter event.

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    Yes Valentine event is bad more now, this is same xmas box on winter event... ppl can't afk grind/farm because bag full so fast (box can't stack) must double-click box all the time (really annoying)

    Compared to can get Crystal Heart, Bloody Heart, Corrupt Heart by killing specific mobs is better, Even get some pk by rpker or pk because need spot to grind at least better no need to double click box to get 1 type of drop all the time (this is really annoying)

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