Greetings, Shilztians!

Valentine’s it’s around the corner and we want to celebrate it with you with an amazing event.

In order to participate, you just need to demonstrate that you are a real Seal Lover and stay as long as you can connected to the game.
At the end of it, the players who have accomplished the amount of hours required to participate, will receive amazing prizes!

The best part is that the prizes are cumulative, so, more hours you stay connected, more and better prizes you will get! That means that you will receive the prize related to the hours you could achieve and the previous prizes!

Event Duration: From January 31th at 00:00 AM PST to February 26th at 23:59 PM PST


Terms & Conditions:

To participate, you can be connected with any character of your account.(You can switch characters anytime and it will be still counting).
The prizes are cumulative. More hours you have more prizes you will receive.
You will receive the prizes on the character with the highest level on the account.
The prizes will be sent on February 27th Maintenance.
Cash Prizes are sent to Cash bank
Normal Prizes are sent to character Mail Box with 30 days for claim.
Every second online counts for the event. Once you logout from the game it will stop counting hours, once you login it will keep acumulating hours.

IMPORTANT: There is no minimum level required to participate but the account must be active and legit.
Duplicated and non-legit accounts won’t be considered for the prizes!

Love Seal ^^!

Seal Online Team