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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnyangel View Post
    Misleading ppl should be against the rules why the **** would you tell ppl to go to isen with the intent of getting them as hopelessly trapped as you are right now.
    pls change your isen to jainus in your reply =_=

    and pls stfu...

    We Will Hunt You Down

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    Jainus rocks! \m/

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    dont lure user to sv/ i make 1 threads have arena free for all play lol

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    It is like each of the server's players take a hand of a new helpless member and pull to his own agenda. Please stop guys, eventually the player will leave before ever wasting money on each of the servers. Don't let our economy go down..
    Nietzsche - Machiavelli - Louie

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    Agi Priest ftw <3

    When you wake up..
    I'll be a story in your head,
    But that's ok.
    We are all stories in the end.

    Just make it a good one eh?
    Because it was, you know.
    It was the best.

    ~ The Doctor.

    MsAbella ~ Priest

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