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    Wink [Duran] Guild Lawless 2.0 are recruiting/rebuilding

    [Duran] Guild Lawless are recruiting

    We are a guild full with fantastic people from around the world!! Lawless still has the same objectives which are, to create an awesome guild that everybody treats everybody like family and helping each other getting through a hard time

    Doesn't matter who you are(introverts/extroverts etc.) or playing any levels characters are welcome to join us!

    We have though only one requirement: You need to be able to communicate in English, no need to be fluent, but just we can understand each other

    If you are interested in joining our guild, don’t hesitate to contact us via in-game pm or mail!
    The contacts as listed below:
    Xenonzx (Guild master)

    PS. Guild members online time are variant, EU, South East Asia, Australian and New Zealand.

    Looking forward hearing from you

    Best regards

    Lawless Guild
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