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    Loot boxes, micro-transactions and Rohan

    Hello folks

    When I look around the internet there is a lot of discussion about the sale of loot boxes in gaming. So much so that at least one major game publisher I know of has removed loot boxes and vowed never to use them again rather than face the possible legal entanglements from their gaming customers.

    So why is this a problem? Well the boxes promise a chance of gaining (winning) valuable in-game goods. These all are driven by odds that the more valuable goods are harder to 'win' than less valuable goods or sometimes nothing.

    The big question is that because of this element of chance whether loot boxes are to be considered gambling. Allowing minors to gamble is illegal in most countries, and particularly in the United States & Canada. As many of these companies are headquartered in the United States, the laws of that country apply to them. Many feel that this does

    We all know that there are many players in Rohan that are under the age of majority in the United States (where the laws apply).

    Here is an article that goes into this in detail as well as gives you, the gamers, some insight as to what is happening when you buy these packages containing random chance elements and their legality.


    It is a long article, but very much worth reading.
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    this is good news

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    Its gambling gotta stop the gambling! Its literally being structured exactly like traditional gambling.
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