Hey did you know..
NOW we can Feed Our pet with.. Light Spirit / Dark Spirit / Water Spirit / Fire Spirit..

Didnt know that was possible.. until I Feed my Light Spirit to My pet by Mistake.. [Mine Light Spirit : (Stage 3) Lv.79 With Some XG Gears.
I was pulling some pet food and then my wireless mouse got f*cked up and pulling my battle pet to the pet feeding square..
well, I was in the middle of Mobbing monsters when im feeding my pet..
well yes im careless about that.. because I was rushly click that feed pet button.. when I realized that.. it's too late

but my POINT is.. How come a Battle pet can enter that pet feeding slot..
a long time ago.. some item was rejected entering that pet feeding square(including Battle pet..)

And here was my Concern regarding battle pet.. when I pull that item out from the inventory.. there r none confirmation box was out there asking if im dropping that item. My Battle pet dropped at the moment i pull out from the inventory

Already Sent a Ticket.. and
the answer was..
"Please now that after checking our records you fed the Valkyrie with your Light spirit, therefore we won't be able to restore your battle pet back. We kindly recommend being more careful in the future."

Seriously.. THIS IS one of the BEST UPDATE Playrohan ever done..

to Others Player, Please be more Carefull with your battle pet regarding this matter..
to Playrohan, GOOD JOB PLAYROHAN for the update.. how about Feeding Pet to Another pet for the next Update ?

Loveydoveys - Lv.15x Priest (DURAN)