Do you need some more space on your character's inventory?
Everytime you go to grind items, you have to come back to your bank everytime?
If you do, we think you will be happy to hear this:

From now on, the option to expand you inventory space to additional 64 slots is available!

You can find it on Web Mall and Item Mall right now!

Also there is a new package that includes all 3 inventory expansions with a special prize.

Get Inventory Expansion.3 (64 Slots) here:

Get Inventory Expansion Package (1,2,3) here:

*Warning: If you haven't previously used "Inventory Expansion.1 (24 Slots)" and "Inventory Expansion.2 (64 Slots)", you can't use "Inventory Expansion.3 (64 Slots)".

Items also available on in-game Item Mall.

We hope you enjoy it!


Seal: BoD Team

Love Seal^^