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    Hey, lovinalaura.
    After the emergency maintenance, it is actually very possible to get the manual.
    I myself has found one just in 2 hrs of farming.
    Goodluck btw!

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    there is limitation to make reaper schyte ? 1 char only 1 quest reaper schyte?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KurumuGM View Post
    Yes the weapon can be traded
    can't u see what #16 post?????

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    why after me refinement "Reaper's Scythe" weapon to G and not be G it just become a bug item ??? ??, I begged to be improved thanks

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    Thanks i have it now the manual , but have new problem i got 2 manual but only can use 1 per id and i cant sell , trade or throw away that manual ?? What im suppose to do ? I dont want my backpack full of manual that we cant use , thanks before

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    GM Please confirm, can 1 ID create some reaper in another character? or 1 ID just create 1 reaper? because, i have 2 character in 1 ID, let say character 1 alreadey create reaper, but in character 2 i open 300++ box i not found manual reaper in character 2

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