R.O.H.A.N: Origin - Last news and Weekly Package!

Greetings Rohanians!

We will like to inform some news and the new weekly package.

- New reward at GM events:
Starting on September 14th, a Unique Necklace Exchange Coupon will be given in GM events,
which will allow you to obtain a Unique Necklace from an NPC in Ehres Harbor.

This coupon will only be given at events where there are winners. And only the winners of the events will receive it.
In events like Bezemut Army this reward will not be available.

You can exchange this coupon at the NPC Tashut which is located in Ehres Harbor.

- Weeckly Package:
From September 13th to September 19th this Lucky Package with Bonus will be available at Item Mall.
This Package contains the following items:
* Dragon Chest x1
* God's lost Chest x1
* Unique Necklace Exchange Coupon x1

Bonus - Hero's Insignia Pouch (50 Count)

- Trascendance Update:
At the end of September or at the beginning of October this new content will be released,
where users of level 100 will be able to continue improving their characters and gaining experience.

A new dungeon will be released as well.

During this month we will greatly increase the boost of experience, to help everyone reach level 100 and enjoy transcendence.

Tell your friends and take advantage of that boost.

- New Rewards:
We are going to implement new coupons from which you can get Unique Accessories and Ferken armor.
These coupons can be obtained in new system events, which will be implemented in the month of October.

Best regards,