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    [Ended] Bonus Item Mall Event

    Greetings Rohanians!

    We will have RPs bonus from September 12th to September 19th at 24:00 PDT.

    The bonus will be given if you reach the following goals:

    - 500 RPs spent: +100 RPs
    - 1000 RPs spent: +250 RPs
    - 1500 RPs spent: +500 RPs

    - Extra Bonus: Hunting Bonus Box


    * Rewards are not cumulative.
    * The RPs and Boxes will be delivered on September 20th.
    * You will receive a Hunting Bonus Box for each goal achieved (If you reached the 1500 you will receive 3 Hunting Bonus Box).

    Best regards
    R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team

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    Would be more effective IM sale 30% discount as in the past than this event less useful
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    Can the 500 RPs be spent over the duration of the Event or does it need to be in 1 Item Mall purchase?

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    Im with D4rius. 33% discount would have been better.

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    its sad..... allready we have 2 " events" for more money spending.... in hunting one ,free box is a joke...GM please listen us , we need another kind of events...we can spent to

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    gm, can u load our prizes pls?

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    Hello, at what hour the rps will be charged?

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    HEHEHEHE YNK dont care about what players said. i play this game since open beta and they never listen Rohan was always full ppl left GM`s dont care just care about money

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