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    Quote Originally Posted by free0127 View Post
    well , how many time of emergency maintenance we have now?

    Still can't log in!!! event we can, still goddam lag!!!
    You can blame those who wreck havoc on SEAL through cheating.. Cheaters retaliate by wrecking the server and you know why.

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    Well... everytime GM give playtime event , player always do protest.. but in the end, GM told me in game almost 70% users afk more than 350 hours and get reward..
    16 hours a day is not so bad.. if you see same event last year.. we should login 19 hours a day.. and still many ppl get the reward.. now GM give not only top reward but accumulating.. you should be happy.. if u do this last year, u can only choose 1 reward

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    Well, i do agree with that.. This event itself is not a pushover anyway and i tend to do the challenge for it. I do hope there are list of those who was already 350 hours for this because for myself, i only turn off my comp around an hour a day to take a break so as long as i can stick to schedule, it will worked out in less than 3 weeks. For those that complain about it, please don't complain more about it since it's all about insomnia and how you will deal with it because this is the challenge of the event itself.

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    am i the only one who cant login to the server ?

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    got DC in elim all the time after emergency maintenance 1 hour ago....

    Im not the only one who got this problem, some of my friends got this problem as well!!!!

    emergency maintenance??? Maintain what????

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    lol got dced 3 times already for today

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