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    Well im not blaming without proff..

    2 years ago we got black dragon for login 280 hours..
    My friend in game told me , he rent 30 pcs frominternet shop near house. He paid only 40 dolar /pc for the event (about 1 month)..
    With that 30 pc he get around 50 black dragon eggs..

    He appraise all eggs,
    Normal eggs he grow them up and sell it after become black dragon for 60 dolar
    and he got 2 fly black dragon and sell it for 500 dolar (price when fbd become the only pet with odi 25 before fm and fk)
    Good appraisal pet like odi 4 he sell for 300 dolar

    In the end i summarize he spent like 1500dolar
    and he got more than 2000 dolar..
    And hes not the only one did that..

    So GM take precautions and increase the online time

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    Technically he did not break any rules.

    Besides RMT. But well if nobody can prove that then he's safe.

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    i'm sure yesterday the event has already ended...

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    waiting reward

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