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Thread: spot problem

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    spot problem

    Spot problem can banned??

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    Looking at yout forum name; i assume you are from indonesia. Judging from your comment i believe you have superior english skills (this is hard sarcasm, and go find out from google what sarcasm is). Now i wish u'll try to understand (try to use google translate in case you don't know how), what i gonna say here and use your common sense for a bit ( this is also for idiot player out there which sadly most of them is indognesian).
    First of all: yes gm once said all monster in seal world is for everyone; therefore no spot allowed, however the gm also suggest us to respect people that already farm/ grinding on the site. So this is the scenario mostly u indognesian took it wrong way; took example theres a room of monster in a map which contain 15 monster and a defender alrady farm there; then come a gambler and killing all 15 monster there one by one. In this case the defender usually ask nicely can u stop taking all the monster; the idiot gambler will usually say " u think this your seal, u think u own this seal, spot =banned, etc" c'mon man, are you indognesian this stupid? Use your common sense, what u did is wrong so freakin wrong and how u reply us mostly ,making you looks more stupid. This is about respect. No spot rules means if the monster plenty enough for one player to control by themselves; examples: sphinky in west red soil. Don't try to be douchebag and try to steal all of the farm for yourself.

    Second; stop trying to understand what gm said while in fact you don't. Seek help from someone that understand english and don't assume. Gosh most of u indognesian understand when gm said no spot allowed but don understand wen gm said respect each other.

    And last; this is not even a right location to post this thread.
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    Very well said. Monsters are free-for-all so don't claim all the monsters on a certain spot. You only own the ones you've hit. Hitting the monster of other players is wrong. That's called "kill-stealing" in MMORPG world.
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